In my spare time, I work to promote my books, including my first one, Walking Buddha's Path. Visit the books page on this website to learn more about them!


I am an Enrolled Agent, working in the HR Block Premium Office in Cupertino, CA. I specialize in S Corp, Partnership and Non-Resident tax returns, but do Gift Tax and Individual returns as well. You may call 408-253-8871 or email me at to ask me a tax question during tax season.


I also volunteer with West Valley Emergency Services VFD. We are an unaffiliated Volunteer Fire Department, and offer CPR and first aid training. We also work public events (like Tapestry Arts Festival on Labor Day weekend in San Jose, California) providing EMT first aid and Emergency Services Unit communications services. Through my affiliations with WVESVFD, I have become an instructor and staff member for the Youth Emergency Services Camp held each year in June ( at Wente Boy Scout Reservation outside of Willits, CA. I teach teens about patient packaging, first aid and CPR, building rescue, communications, and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) certification.

I also organize and attend various protests, marches, and rallies in the neighborhood of Apple Computer in Cupertino. Click the link on my home page regarding my interview with Aljazeera for a detailed explanation of *why Apple?*...but suffice it to say here that the wealth gap in Silicon Valley is one of the largest in any location in the world. Deep in the belly of the beast, we work to raise awareness of what is happening in our name and the myriad ways this economy is beating down the less fortunate and more rebellious among us. We are all connected: until we find ways to embody this belief we will struggle to become whole in our psyche, our environment, our bodies, and our spirit. Especially look into my book, "We Are All On Flight 93: Bringing Spirit to R Evolution" for more on this topic.


I have been an Alcor member since 1990. I wear a bracelet asking anyone who finds me unconscious or worse, to contact Alcor so they can come to my aid. They will store my body at liquid nitrogen temperatures until medical science can cure whatever killed me and fix whatever damage the freezing has done. I have taken weeks of training at Alcor, and have participated in patient rescues and cryosuspensions. If you are curious or have questions for me, email me at:


I spent my days off from FEMA in Mississippi helping work with residents of East Biloxi as they recover from Hurricane Katrina. At first we gutted flooded houses, removing furniture, ceilings, dry wall and carpets. Later we treated the studs for mold so rebuilding could begin. I have worked on other HODR Projects, including Gonaives, Haiti in 2008 and Mena, Arkansas in 2009. In Haiti, I had a truly profound experience, which I write about in my book "Unfuck Our Future" and "In the Wake of Disaster". Please support this group in their work, visit the website, donate, and consider joining us on a future project. The only real way you can help after a disaster is 'neighbor helping neighbor'. Be a neighbor! Note also, this is an international disaster response volunteer group; in both it's volunteers and in the location of its projects. It's new name is All Hands Disaster Response, and if you go the website (click the logo above) you can see what projects are currently open for you to have an absolutely amazing experience helping others!


I have worked for FEMA following Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, Katrina, Gustav, Ike, and Sandy, and the tornadoes of 27 - 28 April in and around Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I've been a Disaster Recovery Center Manager in Alabama and Texas, a Community Relations Field Officer in Florida, Arkansas, and Alabama, a Division Supervisor in Louisiana, the Mississippi Deputy DRC Coordinator, stationed in Biloxi, and the Deputy Assistant External Affairs Officer - Community Relations - New Jersey - Field Operations. I have come to realize that help following a disaster happens as neighbor helps neighbor. I came home from Ivan disillusioned by the large organizations, be it FEMA or Red Cross, and grateful for the faith-based and local groups that gathered supplies and helping hands from nearby communities. Katrina and Sandy especially have left me stunned by the outpouring of support from around the country....the hundreds, no thousands of volunteers who appeared eager to help, the toys, clothing, and food pouring in for weeks from every state. There's still a long way to go to get Mississippi, New Jersey, and New York Cityback on their feet...donations are still needed, even today, as the states have not yet distributed all their federally-provided funds and insurance companies still refuse to pay claims. But FEMA, the Red Cross, and Salvation Army have shown it is possible to bring some real help from far away. It STILL takes neighbor helping neighbor to truly heal, and if you learn anything from this, realize that getting money from the government following a disaster is a long, hard process, and from your insurance company even longer. In neither case is the amount of money you get sufficient to make you whole. You need your own water and food, for at least a week (and more), before logistics can get some to you. Due to two snowstorms and Sandy, power had been out to more than a million customers for two weeks, three different occasions in 14 months in New Jersey. How would you get through two weeks without the ability to use a credit or debit card to buy food and water? Prepare now!