I have written several books. I make them all available here as PDF files, free for you to download. I welcome comments, and ask that you agree to my copyright before you partake of these offerings. Otherwise, please enjoy and share!

New! I have a presentation about ways you can increase your privacy and security online and on your cell or smart phone, here. I also have a PDF of the presentation, here.

And I produce a weekly podcast bringing you Resistance News and an editorial. Visit my website for other resources like a reading list for activists, and reskilling tutorials.

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We Are All On Flight 93

Bringing Spirit to R Evolution

My latest book!

We need a revolution; what role will Spirit play? What role will YOU play?

Mobile size PDF here

Derek Joe Tennant

Celebrating my growth in awareness

Questioning Our Assumptions Workshop

Based on my book "What Color Is Your Sky", I offer a facilitated exploration of some of the assumptions that underlie our modern worldview and open a window into our group wisdom so that we may seek a world that works for all.

In the Wake of Disaster Workshop

Based on my book, I share many of the photos and stories from it, and facilitate a discussion about how you can make your neighborhodd more resilient following a disaster.

Read more about these and other workshops and contact me for arrangements that fit your needs

The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium: Next Presentation 9 Nov 2013

Sandy 8 hours before landfall 29 Oct 2012

In the Wake of Disaster: Stories from the Center of Planetary Chaos

My 2013 book includes many color photos, no inexpensive color version available unless you ask. Mobile size PDF here


Earth Evolution Blog

My Aljazeera interview about our

Apple protest 18 Nov 2013



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